Crime Tip Line
The Rainsville PD Crime Tip Line is here for you anytime of the day or night.
You can contact us anonymously* by filling out our online form below. Please tell us as much as possible even if you are not sure if it is relevant or important. We don’t want to know your name so please don’t tell us this. We’ve written some questions to help you – and remember you can always call us and talk it through if you would prefer.
What is the crime or incident you'd like to tell us about?
Burglary / theft, drugs, fraud, assault, murder, etc.?
When did it happen?
Where did it happen?
Fully describe the criminal activity or incident you wish to report, providing as much information as possible.
Describe it in as much detail as you recall:
What do you know about the person involved? Do you know their phone number, mobile or landline? Do you know their email address? Do they use Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or similar? Have they been convicted of any crimes before? When and where did you last see them? What is their name? Are they known by any other name, a nickname maybe? Do you know where they live or work? Please give us the address, including the town, county and zip code.Can you describe their property?
Tell us what you know about them:
Can you describe the person involved?
Do you know their race, age,, sex, height, build. Details like hair, tattoos, birthmarks, scars...
Who do they know? Are there other people involved?
Does the person involved own a car or other vehicle? Please provide details.
Were any weapons used or carried? Please provide details.
Is there any more information you'd like to tell us today?
By submitting this form, I confirm that it is not being used to report something that needs urgent police attention. For urgent needs, please call 911.
Two way – Will you give us more information later?

* Anonymous means that your name is not known or made public. We know that our guarantee to never ask for your name or record your call is vitally important to you. It makes it easier for you to come forward, breaking the silence around criminal activity and removing your fear. You will never be asked for your name. Your call will not be recorded. Your call or online form will not be traced. You will not have to make a statement to the police. You will not appear in court. We create a report from the information you give us. Our investigator will check that this report contains no information that might identify you, e.g. if the call is about your neighbor we will not mention this. We don't even make a note of your gender.
The responsibility of reporting and fighting crime belongs to all of us, not just law enforcement alone. Citizen involvement is our greatest asset in assisting law enforcement and helping to create a safe and quality living environment for all. So please get involved – Help Solve a Crime and Support Safety within, and for, your Community.