Storm shelter registration program

The Rainsville Fire Department offers a free, voluntary program that allows residents who own a personal severe weather shelter in the Rainsville fire jurisdiction to register their shelter to help safeguard against being trapped in a shelter. Shelter registration is part of RFD’s effort to be proactive in response to rescue situations that can occur as a result of severe weather. This program will provide rescue personnel with valuable time saving location information should a storm shelter exit be blocked by debris or structural damage caused by severe weather. RFD encourage shelter owners to include an out-of-town accountability contact as part of their personal severe weather plan.

Information contained in the registration form will be maintained by the Fire Department and used by emergency response agencies only in the event of structural damage from severe weather or related incidents. Registration forms may be picked up at and returned to the Rainsville City Hall, Rainsville Police Department or Rainsville Fire Department. Or download a shelter registration form to drop off.

Or complete and submit the online form below.



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